Lee County Pet Rescue 501(c)(3)

About Us

S.P.A.Y.-L.E.E Inc. is an animal welfare organization, totally comprised of volunteers. It is tax deductible and its purpose is to assist pet owners and those who rescue homeless pets with referrals to the most affordable vet services for vaccinations/sterilizations. We are a 501(c)(3) charity and listed with the Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Consumer Services for a solicitation permit and in their Gift Giving Guide book as #7658. We are supported by donations, memberships, and bequests. We incorporated in 1993 and our officers and directors (unpaid of course) are

President: J.A. Piccola
V. President: Sharon Brandt
Secretary: Shirley Stewart
Treasurer: Anna Jako
Director: Vacant

We have no animal shelter, but house animals in need of rehoming in foster homes of our volunteers, or in the homes of people trying to place their pets. We care for approximately 75 cats and dogs. We adopt by application, references, home visits and contract. Our contract is easily followed by responsible humans. Our adoption fee ranges from $75 to $450, largely depending on what we have spent in order to bring an animal to adoptability. There are times that we have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a needy but deserving animal. Of course, we cannot expect people to reimburse us for expenses that high. Sometimes there is no cost expended from us and the animal comes in totally vetted and in appropriate shape. In this case, a minimal adoption fee and usually microchipping is charged to the adoptor.


We have a 3-hour one-way drive time limit from southwest Florida on our adoptions- that’s so we can reclaim the animal in a reasonable time frame if need be. For a placement farther away, there may be an exception but there has to be a super good reason for that exception.

We sometimes assist with the costs for sterilizations.

About half the animals we have available for adoption come to us from animal shelters We do off-premesis adoptions in Lee county, click for locations, educational booths, and internet rescue with the Florida Dobermann Pinscher Rescue Ring, and network with Doberman rescues in the state.


Since we have no shelter or business location, we are available for information or consultation at any time that someone is available to answer the phones. This includes weekends and nights. We have approximately 75 dues-paying members at any given time, and do a newsletter 2-3 times a year. Our annual meeting is on the third Monday in December.

Why we do all this, you ask? Because we must.