Lee County Pet Rescue 501(c)(3)


We require an application, contract, request references especially from vets if the potential adoptor had an animal or has another animal, and will do home checks. Our adoption fee ranges from $75 to $450, largely depending on what we have spent in order to bring an animal to adoptability. There are times that we have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a needy but deserving animal. Of course, we cannot expect people to reimburse us for expenses that high. Sometimes there is no cost expended from us and the animal comes in totally vetted and in appropriate shape. In this case, a minimal adoption fee and usually microchipping is charged to the adoptor.

All of our rescue animals are microchipped – and that microchip registration stays with SPAY LEE- as do most rescues and most humane societies, SPCA’s etc. This adds another level of protection should one of our adoptees show up at an animal control agency in another county or state. That animal control agency would contact the microchip company and then contact us and we would locate the application and check on the references provided by the adopter. We have located “lost” dogs in Colorado, New Mexico, and New Jersey. On two occasions the adopter didn’t even know their dog was at an animal control. We are the safety net.

Please see our list of orphaned pets looking for their special someones below. To meet a particular pet in person, please email Jude and for adoption locations, click here.

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