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Faith and Hope – Adopted!

Faith and Hope were adopted last week after a 2-1/2 year stay at SPAY-LEE.  On May 27 they finally went home, but not before they partied!

The girls’ going away poster.

These were posters from their days going to PetSmart.

Faith at her “I’m adopted party!”

Hope at her “I’m adopted party!”

It’s official!  We are yours!

Faith in her new bed with her new toy.

Hope in her new bed with favored ducky toy.

Want to see the girls in action at home?
Click below to see their Quicktime movies.
(If you need the player to see these movies, click here.)

Faith And Hope In Their Backyard – 05-28-10
Gotta love those curly tails!

Faith And Hope – 06-02-10

To read their article in the New-Press, click here.

Good luck, girls, and keep in touch!

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