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Two Forever-Home Stories In One Family

Here are a couple of emails from Vic and Emma pasted together about their experiences adopting two Dobies from SPAY-LEE, Spirit and Helle.  You’re sure to enjoy this!

Vic and Spirit working the weekend adoption table at PetSmart

This is a great picture of Spirit and Vic with the donation jar outside of Petsmart. Spirit helps Vic tell the story of adoption and how a dog can change. Many people know Spirit by now and the clerks that help at Petsmart spoil him rotten with treats, they love to hear him “speak”.

Helle on her sofa Helle wants no part of Petsmart she stays home and our neighbor cares for while we are gone.

Spirit And Helle

Two very different personalities, Spirit always wanting affection from everyone and Helle “Miss Independent”, she likes whom she likes and otherwise she could care less.

They are both very good when they go with us to outdoor dining that accepts doggies, well behaved and they make us proud.

They travel with us and Spirit loves the car but Helle is a little reticent about being in the car for very long. When she knows we are coming to Sunny Isles she proceeds to get on the couch as if to say “just go without me” but I do think she enjoys it when she arrives.

More importantly, we wanted to thank you so very much for rescuing our wonderful friend, Spirit, who had two names before that: Blackjack & Cobra when he came from the pound.

You may know he was petrified of nearly everything and especially cameras when we first picked him up from Judy

(Pssst…Vic and Emma didn’t know that Jude (aka Judy) was just praying that they’d foster Blackjack/Cobra because she had no room and I was bringing him to Jude’s doorstep on my way up Alligator Alley.)

Spirit was afraid of the garage then, so we assume he must have been kept there.

We like to take our dogs to Fisherman’s Village at Punta Gorda because we can take them out on the deck over the water and have lunch there. When we first took Spirit there, all the noise from the fans on the roof frightened him so much I couldn’t get him across the parking lot and had to leave him in the van while we had lunch. Now, of course, he loves it because he stalks all the feral cats that are there. However, it has only been in the last year or so that he does not hide from a camera.

We are at a loss to understand what frightened him so much about cameras.

One of his major recovery situations was when we took him to New Orleans when I had some work there. Walking along the sidewalks with all the cars and trucks began to improve his confidence. Of course, the fact that people would walk across the street rather than pass him on the sidewalk may have helped his confidence. If they only knew.

He has matured to a wonderful, very affectionate friend who loves to go everywhere with us. Thus, he and Helle are here in our condo in Sunny Isles where they fortunately allow large dogs.


By the way, Helle is pronounced: Hell-E.  Helle turns out to be appropriate for the little devil she is. Actually, she is also a wonderful and affectionate friend. She is more protective than Spirit, especially in the car. She does not like someone near the car while Spirit doesn’t really care.

We ended up with Helle because her original owner also had 8 cats. Helle could not resist them, so she called Jude to see if someone could foster her. We did, found her a very good home. However, they also had a large, male, unneutered Doberman.


He would not leave Helle alone (because she is beautiful, of course) and rugs and tables were getting moved around and it was also at Christmas, with even more delicate things to break, so after 3 days we got a call to come get her.

A couple of evenings later while she was laying next to Emma on the couch, Emma said, “I want to keep her.” So here she is.

Isn’t that a wonderful story?  You can have your own wonderful real life experience with a precious rescue dog like Vic and Emma did.  Just drop by the PetSmart at Page Field Commons any odd weekend (1st, 3rd, or 5th) of the month to see which pet you click with.  Or if you just want to stop by to say hi to Spirit and his parents Vic and Emma, there’s a good chance they’ll be there maning the table where the donation jar is.  Stop by!  They’d love to see you.

Jinx on the left and Spirit & Vic on the right

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