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Abby’s Story

Tammy at DAS contacted Suzanne MacDonald, our volunteer in Naples…. Tammy said a sweet dobie pup was at the shelter, injured, and brought in on Thursday evening… found under a bush on Airport Road in Naples…. Suzanne called Judie who said “yes”. Suzanne went to DAS the following Monday and picked up ABBY, delivered pup to Jinx in Fort Myers who took Abby to Viscaya Prado Vet Hospital. Dr. McKelvie Xrayed and reported the bad news – it was a bad break, already trying to callous; might be able to pin it but would probably need plating which that clinic doesn’t do. Kim Liles, vet tech at Viscaya, agreed to foster Abby through her recovery. Abby was spayed on September 30, and off to see Dr. Hay (Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tampa, Fla) with Jinx as chauffeur and Amy riding shotgun on Monday, October 4.

Abby underwent surgery on October 6 where the leg, that was trying to heal but nowhere near connected, had to be realigned and plated to hold the bone ends together. (see photos below) On October 8th, Vic and Emma Argento and Jinx drove on up to Tampa to pickup sweet Abby. Emma did a video of the physical therapy that Kim will do four times a day to keep that leg functional. Abby’s got to go back on Wednesday for a recheck and Jinx will do that run to Tampa again.

Many folks are praying for this little girl. She has the best chance for a normal life but the cost is over $2000. It’s put quite a dent in our financial status, and we are embarrassed to say we’d appreciate any assistance.¬† If you can donate to Abby’s cause, please e-mail Jude at apic@aol.com or click this link to chip immediately. But no matter what, Abby’s worth it! Priceless!

Update: ¬†Special donations covered most of Abby’s special surgery needs
Thank you!

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