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More News from Immokalee Community School

Here is a feel-good note from the teacher of the class SPAY-LEE visited, and also below are more photos of the visit.
“I wanted to tell all of you that about 3 months ago, I had  the great idea to have my 3rd graders “donate” change (coins) and donate it to a charity. Well, OF COURSE— we  chose an animal rescue! LOL
I found  a small volunteer group called SPAY- LEE  and it is fully funded by donations and volunteers who are also fostering all these dogs and cats. Most of their  animals  were abused and are older, but they have great personalities and are desperately searching for a ” forever home”.
I was able to get Spay-Lee  to come to my classroom to pick up the donation money and bring along a  few dogs that my kids”rescued”.
I  was totally SHOCKED that my class (alone) donated  $224 in just 9 weeks… WOW! My kids are SO poor, too. They are the children  of migrant field workers. VERY depressing— but they scrounged and found all this change to donate.
They were thrilled to be able to MEET their rescue dogs in person last Monday when Spay-Lee came to my school.
Here are a few pics. I was really proud of them!  I still can’t believe they brought in all that $ on their own.No one else came into our room to donate.  All the money was  from my 20 kids only!
Maybe one of them will grow up to be a vet 🙂
The rescue group brought each child a certificate and they were so happy.
I am writing a short article for the “community” section of the Naples Daily News for a “feel good” story. It will be good press for Spay-Lee and my charter school.
Just HAD to brag a little!
THX for reading 😉

The 3rd Graders
The 3rd graders
The 3rd Graders and MiaThe 3rd Graders with Mia
Third Graders, puppy, and JinxThe third graders with puppy and Jinx
Third graders with Walter the BloodhoundThird graders with Walter the Bloodhound
More of Mia and friendsMore of Mia and friends
Jinx, pup and friendsJinx, pup, and friends
Mia snoozingMia snoozing
And to all, a good night!

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