Lee County Pet Rescue 501(c)(3)

Agility Dobies!

My husband and I are so very lucky to have met Jinx and Jude from SPAY-Lee. If it wasn’t for them and all the people who volunteer at SPAY-Lee, we wouldn’t have our two extraordinary girls.

Back in March of 2009 we walked into Petco and fell in love with a little black & tan Dobe named Reba. She was very sweet and confident. Reba had my husband wrapped around her paw right after their eyes met. She is such a wonderful, loving and silly baby girl. At the time we adopted Reba, I was training our other dog, Bodie, in agility. So my husband decided to work with Reba. They have now earned their 2nd AKC Master Agility Championship Title. What an awesome team they have become. When not working with her dad, she loves to hang out in her large back yard sun bathing, barking at the ducks in the creek behind our house, running around with her sister Shimmer or tormenting her little brother Louie (plays keep away with his favorite toy). Her favorite thing to do at night is curl up next to either me or my husband on the couch.

Agility DobiesThen, in December of 2010 we adopted a little red Dobe named Shimmer. Again we went to Petco and there was Shimmer. It was a very cold day and she was shivering under a blanket. This poor baby was skin and bones and looked so scared and unloved. Well, that did it. We knew we could give her all the love she needed and more. As the weeks went by, Shimmer just blossomed. I started to work with her in agility and her confidence just grew and grew. She has a very independent spirit about her and in true “red Dobe” fashion, she is a goof ball. We can always count on Shimmy for a good laugh. Shimmer also just earned her AKC Master Agility Championship Title. Shimmer’s favorite place to be, other than playing agility with mom, is in our backyard chasing squirrels, lizards, yelling at kayakers that go by and playing with her sister and brother.

Both of our girls have qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals. Also, as of the December agility standings for the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, Reba is tied for #14 and Shimmer is #28. They are truly remarkable and we love them so dearly.

Thank you again SPAY-Lee for doing what you are doing.

With much fondness,

Judi and Chris Villano