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Otto Arrives at SPAY-LEE

“We knew he was coming..we knew he was in bad shape…but nothing prepared us for the site of this poor young male Dobie today…his feet are so swollen they look like clubs, he doesn’t have toes, its all one size..the blood is dripping yet he longs for human touch..today Otto arrived at SPAY-LEE . he is approx 2 years old and apparently never had much of a life …open sores all over his body, he has demodex . He is scabby and swollen around his eyes and you can tell its painful. He whines he is so miserable…he was fed well, given a medicated bath and hopefully he rests tonight …thank you to Jan Milbyer and Grateful Paws for helping this boy..taking him to the vet and finding a rescue to take him in. This is going to be a long haul…keep Otto in your thoughts…as he is vetted, treated and allowed to rest so he heals before finding a home.”

“Thankfully Jan of Grateful Paws picked him up Monday and took him to Hollywood Animal Hospital where they did emergency care –  medications, fluids, bath, removal of ticks and fleas, food and more medications.  They did an incredible job of intervention.

This is what he looked like the next day-  and when he arrived here he was oozing fluid and blood from almost all parts of his body. Two days later he’s no longer oozing, the split open areas all over his body are healing (Neosporin ointment is marvelous), and he’s getting stronger. Five days later most of the open areas are closed, he’s eating well, and getting stronger…..”

If you’d like to donate to help pay the much needed medical attention Otto will be getting, click the “donate” button after clicking this link to go to our fundraising page.

These pictures are hard to look at. Imagine what it must feel like to be in Otto’s skin right now. Good news is that he’s got help now. Click on the picture for larger image.

Otto's Swollen Paw

Otto's Bloody Face

Otto's scabby back

Otto's scabby face

Otto's hunger

Otto looking forward to healing

Otto's painful neck


Otto's sore back