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Rocky Sobel’s Letter to Spay-Lee

Rocky Sobel Standing By Tree

It’s me, Rocky! I just wanted to thank you for bailing me out and letting me live with my mom and dad! Today we went for a ride in the truck to a nice park and then we took a long walk on a trail and went to the river and walked and walked and walked and my feet got tired and I walked with my dad and sister Tess and mom walked with my sister

Dobermans Rocky and Juliet SobelJuliette and I think we heard a pig in the woods and there was raccoon poop on the trail that I sniffed!! It was fun!! Then on the way home dad stopped at a place they called DQ and ordered cheeseburgers and pup cups and on the way home it smelled good and my sisters got all excited and whined and made noise and finally I got mad and barked and grumbled at them just a little bit and they laid down and got quiet. Mom and dad seemed happy the girls got quiet and mom told dad that I am a good boy and I stabilize the girls (what is that?) but I don’t boss them I just told them to be quiet! I love my sisters but sometimes they are pests!

Then when we got home my mom and dad gave us the pup cups and I didn’t know what it was and put my tongue on it and it was cold but it tasted so good and I licked it and licked it until it was gone then my mom gave me my cheeseburger! I never had a pup cup before and I loved it and I want another one!

Dobermann Rocky Sobel running Then I went outside and ran around in my yard and chased a squirrel but didn’t catch it but it went up in a tree and teased me. Maybe I’ll catch it tomorrow I know I can because I caught one once and tried to bring it in the house to show my dad but he didn’t want the squirrel in the house and he took it away from me!

Maybe we’ll go for another walk tomorrow and get another pup cup and cheeseburger! But now I’m tired so I’ll lay down on one of my beds and take a nap before its time to go to bed but first I’ll have to go outside to pee and its cold outside so I’m so happy I have a house to live in with lots of beds and with people who love me and with a cat who is apparently the king of the universe so I am nice to him. I will try to get more time with the computer sometimes so I can tell you what I am doing.

Dobermann Rocky Sobel Relaxing

I love you!