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Rocky Update

Hi Jude and Debbie,
It’s me, Rocky!

Dobies WatchingMom and dad took us on another walk today at a place we go
to all the time and they call it the Forum and we walk and walk and walk and go around some buildings and there is a lake and I heard a noise in the woods and think it was a bear in the woods! I am not scared and I watched and mom said it might be a bear or a pig or a deer or a serial killer (what is that?) but that it was probably a raccoon or a big bird but I know that
it saw me watching for it and protecting my mom and I know I scared it away!! I love to protect my mom and dad and sisters and our house and sometimes I think I see terrorists in the front yard and I bark really deep and grumble a little and scare them away and mom comes to look and can’t see them anymore but she says I am a GOOD DOG because I scare the terrorists away. I sent you some pictures of me watching for the bear in the woods that I scared away (I know it was a bear and not a silly raccoon or a stupid bird) and you can see why the bear got scared and went away. I also sent some pictures of me playing with Tess and sometimes it looks like we are fighting but we are playing and she is funny and I love her I would never really bite her they are PLAY BITES!

Dobies playing

I love you!!